Last version: 0.1.2 (2006-08-12)


MaCollec is a Web-based 'Collections Manager' written in PHP/Javascript.
It's based on the AJAX technology to produce a nice-looking and pleasant interface.
Items informations (including covers pictures) are retrieved from online libraries.

MaCollec works correctly only with a modern browser (like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, ...) which supports all major Web standards currently in use, including CSS 2.1, HTML 4.01, ECMAScript, DOM 2 ...

Here is a screencast (5 MB) where you can view a little presentation of MaCollec.



New release: 0.1.2 - Valéry 'valos' Febvre (2006-08-12 02:38)
MaCollec is now i18n-ready.
Currently available languages are English and French.
You can find upgrade instructions in the INSTALL file.

New release: 0.1.1 - Valéry 'valos' Febvre (2006-08-10 14:17)
This is a major bug fix release.
The large cover picture of items wasn't retrieved. So, only the tiny cover picture (thumbnail for icons) was used for both folder views and the item card.

First public release - Valéry 'valos' Febvre (2006-08-08 16:07)
After many months of hard work (11 months !!!), a first version of MaCollec is finally ready to be used.
Have fun :-)



Icon view

The view used to display folders content is 'View as Icon'.
List view

The view used to display folders content is 'View as List'.
A folder with some DVDs

MaCollec can manage your DVD collection too.
Item card

Folder browsing

The folder is owned by another user. User can only consult (the four first icons of the toolbar are disabled).


This program is licensed under the GPL license.


Valéry 'valos' Febvre <>


MaCollec is written during my spare time. If you want to support the development, you can make a donation (whatever you want).

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